Frequantly Asked Questions

Our Frequantly Asked Questions

Up to 3 miles in open areas, less in more built up areas.
Yes, we do carry out site tests, we usually test with a few radios and advise what equipment will be needed.
Yes we supply quotations for both hiring and purchasing.
We carry both Motorola and Hytera radios, analogue and digital.
We carry a large range of ear pieces and headsets, we can describe over the phone or email pictures.
Digital radios give:
  • Better range;
  • Lower battery consumption – up to 40% - more ‘talktime’ between charges;
  • Clearer speech quality and less interference;
  • Option of two autonomous speech paths with one frequency allocation.
CTS will advise you on the most suitable option for your specific circumstances and can apply for the licence on your behalf if required.
It all depends on the terrain and operating environment. For instance in open country a low power radio will give coverage of up to 5 km whereas in a built up area the same radio might only offer 100 to 200 metres range due to the signal being ‘absorbed’ by buildings. A similar situation exists with ‘in building’ environments, i.e hotels and banks where a higher power radio (licenced digital as an example) would be appropriate. Under some circumstance a ‘repeater’ to rebroadcast the signal and/or multiple antennae may be required. CTS will look at your specific requirements and advise you accordingly.
Most manufacturers offer a two year warranty. CTS have a fully equipped workshop in Central London with factory trained engineers to provide a first class after sales service.
we carry a large range of ear pieces and headsets, we can discribe over the phone or email pictures.

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