CTS City Wide Coverage System

Wide Area Coverage – Is This For You?

If an increase in area coverage is required then a wide area communication system is the answer. This is often the case when a system must cater for radios that need to cover a town or a city.

Today the normal solution for wide area communications is to use mobile phones but this can bring significant and variable cost to a business, which can be very difficult to budget.

city wide two way radio coverage

How does it work?

Wide area radio systems generally involve base station repeaters, which relay radio conversations through high antennas to improve radio coverage. The high antennas may be on roof-tops or transmission masts and will provide communication for both vehicle and hand portable radios.

Features & Benefits


  • Group calling functionality
  • One-to-One calling
  • GPS tracking options
  • Digital and analogue capability
  • Building disaster recovery
  • Full range of applications to keep staff safe


  • No connection fee
  • Airtime billed Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly
  • No Ofcom licence required
  • M25 radio mobile coverage
  • North/South Circular portable coverage
  • Keeping in touch throughout a large site
  • Fix and budget costs more easily






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