Remote Monitoring

Your radios aren’t just about voice, in fact, the Motorola MOTO turbo line of digital two-way radios has several ways to communicate when voice isn’t an option.

Let’s say one of your people is in a situation where they can’t talk on the radio, But you still need to hear what’s going on. It could be a security issue, or it could just be that both the person’s hands are full and they can’t press a button. Either way, you can remotely monitor what’s going on through the radio’s microphone and stay on top of the situation or provide critical information to your team member.

Let’s say it’s a security issue, a serious one your team isn’t going to start shouting into the radio that there is a problem and either tip their hand to the bad guys or alarm other people and start a panic.

What they’re going to do is press a single button on their Moto Turbo radio that remotely triggers an alarm at the control station, so they can get the help or support they need.

Granted these aren’t pleasant situations to think about but they do happen, fortunately, Motorola has incorporated solutions into their Moto Turbo radios so if it does happen you can focus on resolving it.