Back to Basics: What is Two-way Radio?

Often when we meet and tell people we sell and hire out Two-way Radios, the question we often get is "What are Two-Way Radios?". Our usual response to this is "Walkie Talkies" just to keep things simple, keep the conversation flowing and avoid going into full time nerd mode. There's a lot more to it than just that of course, let's go a little more in depth by starting with the basics...

So, what is Two-way Radio?

This is essentially technology that allows individuals to keep in contact with each other using radio waves. Each user with a radio can send and receive audio and data sent over through the radio waves. The systems in place for this can be as simple as two radios connected directly or on a more complex level via encrypted networks that have the capacity to cover an entire country.

You'll most likely heard of the name "Walkie Talkie" (thanks to the media, movies etc popularising the name), this is often the term used for unlicensed radio equipment whereas the term "Two Way Radio" is used for BOTH licenced AND unlicensed equipment.

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