Do you know your standard Phonetic Alphabet when using your two-way radio?

In order to prevent miscommunication, experienced two-way radio operators commonly use the phonetic alphabet.


Instead of repeating your message, the phonetic alphabet comes in useful by utilising code words that denote each English alphabet letter. For instance, ‘I’ is replaced with ‘India’, ‘C’ is replaced with ‘Charlie’, ‘O’ is replaced with ‘Oscar’ and ‘M’ is replaced with ‘Mike’.

What does this do?

Using the phonetic alphabet ensures that your message is clearly understood so that it can be actioned and understood which is important in critical situations.

We've put together a list of the phonetic alphabet as believe it to be worth incorporating into your radio procedures in order to provide effective and consistent communication amongst users.

A - Alpha

B - Bravo

C - Charlie

D - Delta

E - Echo

F - Foxtrot

G - Golf

H - Hotel

I - India

J - Juliet

K - Kilo

L - Lima

M - Mike

N - November

O - Oscar

P - Papa

Q - Quebec

R - Romeo

S - Sierra

T - Tango

U - Uniform

V - Victor

W - Whiskey

X - X-ray

Y - Yankee

Z - Zulu

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