Discover the Best in Class Features of the Motorola DP4400e Hand Portable Digital Radio

The Motorola DP4400e hand portable digital radio is a feature-packed communication solution for organizations that require business-critical communication. This device is part of the professional Mototrbo E-Series and replaces the older generation DP4400. With its competitive price and advanced features, the DP4400e is the perfect choice for those who are migrating from analog to digital communication systems.

The DP4400e boasts built-in Bluetooth, a dust-tight and waterproof IP68 rating, long battery life, and an improved receiver that increases its range by 8% compared to previous models. Additionally, this device features an emergency button, Transmit Interrupt function, easy-to-use individual, group, and all call functionality, and many more premium features.

"Motorola DP4400e hand portable digital radio with Bluetooth and long battery life, shown with rugged IP68 rating and improved receiver used on a large construction site.

Some of the key features of the DP4400e include: VHF and UHF frequencies, 32 channels, a large and textured push-to-talk button, a tri-color LED for clear visual feedback, and an emergency button. This device also features digital phone patch capability, PTT ID, remote monitoring, scan feature, basic and enhanced privacy, AES256 encryption, and more.

With its intelligent audio, TIA4950 HazLoc certification options, IP Site Connect, single and multi-site capacity plus, improved range and battery life, and support for vibrating belt clip, the DP4400e is a reliable and effective communication solution for any organization.

Stay ahead of the curve and upgrade to the feature-packed Motorola DP4400e hand portable digital radio today!

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