Hands-Free Crane Radios: The Ultimate Solution for Safe and Efficient Operations

If you're looking for a safe and efficient way to communicate during crane operations, then look no further than hands-free crane radios. These systems are essential for ensuring seamless communication between crane operators, coordinators, and slingers, which is crucial for the safety of everyone on the site.

At CTS Radios, we specialize in supplying and installing hands-free crane radios for some of the UK's most prominent crane hire companies. Our radio communication systems comply with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines, which require the use of hands-free communication when operating Tower or Crawler Cranes.
CTS Radios Two-Way Radios for Tower Cranes on Construction sites

Our hands-free crane radios are powered by 13amp supply within the crane cab, eliminating the need for batteries that may fail during a lift. We also offer a range of Motorola Fixed Mobile Radios DM4400 and above, RS Foot Switch, Motorola Visor Mic, and Down-Fire Antenna to ensure reliable and uninterrupted communication.

Our Down-Fire Antenna is a unique feature that minimizes radio interference by sending radio transmissions directly down to the Crane Coordinators and Slingers below. This feature ensures that communication remains clear and uninterrupted, even in the busiest of construction sites.

We understand that every crane operation is unique, and that's why we offer customized hands-free crane radio solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. We can install the radios to the crane cabs at the crane hire companies, prior to the crane being erected, or a simple self-installation can be carried out by the operator/driver.

CTS Radios Two-Way Radios for Hire London Construction Sites

In addition to hands-free crane radios, we also supply completely different frequency hand Portables that sit in their chargers in the event of a coming together of the cranes (crash radios). This feature ensures that crane operators and coordinators can take control of the situation in case of an emergency.

For crane coordinators and slingers on the ground, we supply the Motorola DP4400 as a minimum, as these have a low battery tone. This feature allows them to stop the lift and change to their spare battery if necessary. We also recommend using leather carry cases and remote speaker mics as part of our standard Crane Kit.


CTS Radios Crane Kit Two Way Radios Walkie Talkie

Crawler Cranes operate in the same way as Tower Cranes, but they use a mag-mounted antenna as opposed to a down-fire antenna. At CTS Radios, we also fit hands-free kits to other site vehicles, such as tippers, telehandlers, and forklifts, to ensure safe and efficient communication across the site.

CTS Radios Crane Kit for Hire in London

In conclusion, hands-free crane radios are a crucial component of any construction site, as they ensure seamless communication and safe crane operations.

At CTS Radios, we offer customized hands-free crane radio solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

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