Two-Way Radio Hire - A Beginners Guide

Not many people know about hiring two-way radios. Our standard thought process would be that we would have to outright purchase equipment for our specific event or project. However, two-way radio hire is often an underutilised business process for many organisations within a variety of industries.

Since after the covid-19 pandemic, events and business have returned back to 'normal' despite implementing new procedures to ensuring the safety of staff and customers. One of the key aspects of success within the business environment is communication between team members.

Two-way radios for security London UK

Two-way radio hire is vital for your business, and we are here to explain why in more depth:

Why would you hire two-way radios?

Well, as mentioned, a number of organisations in several industries choose two-way radio hire contracts for projects due to the flexible payment structure and affordable pricing, as well as the technical support provided by system engineers.

With a push of a button your team will have instant reliable communication. Partnered with strategy, your team now becomes a solid unit in terms of coordination. Most radios can be programmed with dedicated channels for specific groups. For example, one of our customers Networld Rail has implemented a variety of channels for different departments in their operations such as security, station stewards, control room management and train drivers.

The top of the range, reliable radio systems to be on the pricier side. We've found that businesses can often be reluctant to spend a large sum of money into the radio equipment that may only be used once every few months. Instead, we and many other suppliers have made it easier and cheaper for business by providing hire contracts to provide high quality professional two-way radios for a fraction of what it would cost to purchase the two-way radios outright for ownership. Two-way short term hire contracts also allow for more of the equipment to be added based on a needs-by-needs basis without the upfront cost.

CTS Radios sells a range of radios and accessories, but we also create short-term hire packages that are tailor-made to meet the needs of your project or event. Our team of two-way radio specialists and technical engineers will conduct a pre-assessment survey with you to ensure we can supply two-way radios to go above and beyond your communication requirements.

Our team have over 30 years of experience under their belt and during the assessment, they will focus on the following areas:

  • Area of coverage based on location, size, and layout of the project
  • Identifying your two-way radio needs. From devices and accessories to any infrastructure needed.
  • Tailoring two-way radios to fit its end user
  • Radio programming and Ofcom licencing
  • Technical support and repairs

Area of coverage

After the initial discussion on the size, location, and layout of the event, our engineering team can identify any problem areas, for example, poor signal areas, communication blind spots and coverage cut-off points.

We also offer the option to have an engineer come to the event location and perform a site survey. We will advise on any additional infrastructure you need.

Your #1 Specialist supplier

CTS Radios is an established two-way radio specialist supplier in the heart of London providing two-way radios both online and offline for hire or purchase. We have been around for over 30 years supplying two-way radios to a variety of industries.

Below is our recommended hire product:

Motorola DP4400e

Motorola DP4400e Two-way Radio Professional Walkie Talkie

This versatile two-way radio offers best-in-class features that are easy to access. The DP4400e minimalist design makes it compact, light and perfect for use on the go. Featuring market-leading audio technology, which automatically adjusts the radio volume in accordance with the background noise, perfect for use at live music events, sporting events or on loud building sites.

You need a licence for radios!?

We understand that many businesses don't want to waste time or energy dealing with the technical and legal aspects of programming and licencing requirements when it comes to two-way radios.

At CTS we offer to do all the work for you so that you can go right ahead and use the two-way radio equipment.

Where to get started?

If you would like more information regarding two-way radio hire for anywhere across the UK then speak to our team via our live chat feature or get in touch via email or call 02072521849.

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