How far can Two-way Radios Work?

What distance do two-way radios work over?

This depends on a variety of factors such as the quality of equipment and infrastructure installed. Let's take the International Space Station (ISS) for example. It orbits at an altitude of approximately 408 KM and uses two-way radio to communicate with the earth easily due to there being very few obstructions between the station and the antennas, so the radio signal is easily received. On a lighter comparison, an unlicensed radio operating inside a building may only work for around 100 metres. (Quite a difference, right?)

Two-way radio systems can have infrastructure installed around the area of coverage which makes the range of the system only limited by the quality and amount of equipment installed. Repeaters can be used to extend signals over a large area and can be joined together through other means such as the internet to create connected pockets of coverage.

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