What is a DMR Repeater?

We've repeatedly repeated the term 'repeater' (see what we did there ;) ) but what exactly are these? to be more specific, what is a DMR Repeater?

DMR radios can communicate with each other directly with some kind of centralised system in place but this is not always an ideal situation. The signals between the radios connecting directly to each other can be disrupted by obstructions in the line of sight between them such as hills, buildings and trees.

When you add a DMR repeater to the system, this allows radios to send their communications via a central point which repeats the message to the rest of the system. When you install a repeater high up, usually on top of the roof of a building) the calls to the repeater are less affected by the obstructions. DMR repeaters allow the radios locater far away from the repeater in opposite directions to communicate with one another thus increasing the range of the system.

Repeater stations can be connected together by either retransmitting received signals which is known as 'parroting' or by sending received signals to other repeaters on the system via other methods like the internet and unidirectional transmitters. A final note, the range of a repeater system is only limited by the amount of infrastructure put in place.

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